Stelmax 1961 Gap Filler & Sealant 300gm

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Stelmax 1961 Gap Filler & Sealant are both easily applied PVC resin, pigment, plasticiser and solvent mixes, that will gap fill and bond readily to form maintenance free joints of exceptional strength when used to bond and fill rigid and plasticised PVC. Good adhesion can also be achieved when used with many porous substrates. 1961 products are extensively used within the window industry for the installation of frames and attachments. Stelmax 1961 has a high solid content and is formulated to fill larger gaps. More typically, 1961 would be used for providing a seal between the window frame and the surround. When dry the product will exhibit weathering, UV and chemical resistance similar to that of a good quality rigid PVC. Sealed joints will retain a degree of flexibility to cater for minor expansion and contraction of the substrate whilst remaining water and gas tight.
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